Kyle accepts his scholarship from instructor Kevin Lychak!

Before entering the Youth Entry Level Automotive Trades Program at Motive Action, Kyle was detailing cars 4-5 days a week in a seasonal position. There was no opportunity for advancement or a better wage in that position. He applied to Motive Action, he said, “to make my passion for cars turn into a promising career, [get] hands-on learning and job experience.”

Since completing the program, Kyle stated “My life has only changed for the better.  I have an amazing job and am now an apprentice. I am very proud of this. I was able to get nice tools for my career.  Motive Action really helped me get to where I wanted to be.  I’m proud to be a graduate from there, and proud to be an apprentice.”

Receiving the Motive Action Scholarship is another sign of success to Kyle. He said he is “proud to receive one, because I never thought I’d go to post secondary school. This . . . confirms all my hard work and dreams.” We are happy to support you in achieving these goals, Kyle!

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