We are actively responding to the COVID-19 pandemic and ensuring the safety of our students, employees and the community. This page is updated frequently on an ongoing basis to ensure that we are sharing information with you often as the COVID-19 crisis evolves. 

Whether you are a current or prospective student, or community member, you can use the information below to stay up to date with Motive Action’s activities and response to the pandemic.

Contacting Motive Action

How do I contact Motive Action?

Please contact us by telephone or email only.

At the moment, visits to the Motive Action facility are by appointment only. Please do not come to our office without an appointment.

Our contact information is:

Telephone # (403) 287-3132

Email: info@motiveaction.com 

Be patient with our team and with each other as we navigate this new normal.

Current Students

How will I get the most up-to-date information from Motive Action?

As a student, we will send regular updates to your email.  We will also post the information on social media (TwitterFacebookInstagram) and on the Motive Action website.

Future Students

When will Motive Action programs begin?

Motive Action began delivering new programs on July 20, 2020 and new programs will begin every five weeks. Courses will be offered through on-site training at Motive Action, work experience with industry employers, and distance learning methods.

Applying for New Programs

How do I apply for new programs?

You must meet certain eligibility requirements to be accepted to the Motive Action training program. You may inquire about your eligibility and begin your application process by contacting Motive Action. To qualify for our programs, you must send your application well in advance to ensure any available funding is in place and to secure your seat.

COVID-19 Related Questions

Where do I find information about the COVID-19 virus?

Visit: https://www.alberta.ca/coronavirus-info-for-albertans

If you have other specific questions, you can contact Motive Action at:

Telephone # (403) 287-3132

Email: info@motiveaction.com