Instructor Kevin Lychak presents the Motive Action Scholarship to Leandro.

Before attending Motive Action, Leandro worked a couple of part time jobs selling books and packing bread at a bakery, but felt there was no future in either job. He attended class here in the hopes of learning the skills needed to become a mechanic and get a job at a well known dealership. 

Having succeeded at reaching these goals, he reflected on how this affected his life:

“First of all, I am able to help my family with bills, rent and food.  I am able to spend money on things that I couldn’t afford before.  I’ve also met people with the same interests as mine and made new friends because of those interests. This scholarship means that I am 1 step closer to becoming a Journeyman and finally achieving my goal of owning my own shop.”

We wish Leandro luck reaching the next goal that he’s set for himself!

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