Pictured here at a Zoom Ceremony held in their honour, Group 31, who were the first group to
complete their studies entirely in the new mixed study platform including online Zoom classes
paired with in-person shop time, finished their final class segment.

The four young men worked really well together, and were early for every class. When asked
what was the key to success when learning via Zoom, Mitch piped up “Remember to share the
screen!” garnering a laugh at this inside joke with the staff, who have also been learning how to
use Zoom effectively to teach.

The staff are very proud of the work and dedication this group displayed and the success they
have achieved in their studies. As they finish up their final weeks of work placement, they are
all set to be hired with their respective employers. Congratulations, Group 31, and best of luck
in the future! We look forward to hearing about your achievements as you move forward
towards your goal of apprenticeship.