Recently, it was a delight to realize that we had a female student in each of the classes attending Motive Action! As seen in the picture (from left to right), Val, Kayla and Amber all offered their thoughts about entering the trades as a woman.

Val, in HD:“If you have a dream about becoming an AST, welder, or even HD mechanic, this program is the best way to start. Even if you are a girl, they will invite you with open arms and help you throughout your adventures. I really recommend this program.”

Kayla, inAuto Body: “It takes a strong woman to be in the trades.  You need to be strong minded, strong willed, strong hearted and, most of all, have a strong urge to do what they can . . . but better.”

Amber, in Welding: “Don’t let anyone discourage you from pursuing a career in the trades. Women become some of the most successful people in the trades.  There are many opportunities for success for us if we take advantage of them!”

Good luck to all of our women graduates, as we look forward to welcoming more.

Learn more about why you should choose a career in the trades, just like Val, Kayla, and Amber did!