All smiles, Nathan gives a thumbs-up sign as he receives his scholarship from instructor Jennifer Farrand.

When Nathan applied to Motive Action for the Youth Entry Level Automotive Trades Program, he wanted to learn a new skill, and have the opportunity to try a new job.

Now, Nathan works at a tire shop, where he learned how to complete tire change-overs, rotations and swaps, then moved to the tech side doing oil changes and alignments.

Since finishing his studies at Motive Action, Nathan said “my life has been good as I continue to grow in the trade and make more money.  I can now afford a good car and do a few things. But most importantly, I have made new friends and connections, getting to learn all kinds of things inside and outside the trade.”

Receiving the Motive Action Scholarship has helped with his apprenticeship fees as Nathan works towards his dream to be a Red Seal Automotive Service Technician.

We wish you continued success Nathan!

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