Noah is all smiles as he receives his scholarship!

Noah applied to Motive Action for the Youth Entry Level Automotive Trades Program, after he was laid off from his seasonal employment as a roofer.  He didn’t really want to go back to a job he didn’t enjoy, the pay was capped, and the work was so physical that working it long term wasn’t an option.

When Noah saw an ad for Motive Action’s program, he stated, “I have always had a passion for working on cars since an early age [but] I just never had the opportunity to get hands on with vehicles. So when I saw an opportunity at Motive Action, I couldn’t say no!”

Now, Noah is working at a shop he was introduced to through Motive Action’s placement officer.  Since finishing his studies at Motive Action, Noah said “The biggest life changes … [are] confidence in my ability to diagnose and complete repairs as well as a sense that this is just the beginning, it’s only up from here and I’m excited for the years to fly by, soak in all the knowledge, information and the skills I’ll need along the way. I would like to say a big thank you to the whole Motive Action staff – the whole experience wouldn’t have been the same if it weren’t for your kind words and smiles along the way.”

Noah plans to use his Motive Action Scholarship to help pay off tuition fees at SAIT. Reflecting on his award, Noah said, “the scholarship is a pretty big achievement for myself as I had never been one to finish much before Motive Action.  It just shows how hard work pays off!”

Good luck with your studies Noah!

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