Jhony, with Program Director Mike Hansen, was happy to speak to a class at Motive Action!

Before attending Motive Action, Jhony was working as a cook in a fast food restaurant. He was only making enough to cover basic expenses in a short term job.

“When I moved to Calgary, I heard [about] this program and I decided to be a part of the family and change my career, develop my skills and get work experience in the Automotive Industry,” Jhony said about the Youth Entry Level Automotive Trades Program at Motive Action.

Once Jhony completed the course, he was hired at a local dealership.  “I’m totally happy and comfortable now in my job as a technician,” he continued. “I am more productive and I know that there’s a good future ahead waiting for me after completing the Motive Action Program.  My salary is way better, I have met good people and helpful technicians, I have learned and developed new skills as a technician and my job is full time.   . . .  This is not just an ordinary job; it is a career that will provide a good future.”

Jhony was very happy to receive the Motive Action Scholarship to help him with his apprenticeship studies. We wish you continued success, Jhony!

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