Jaskaran, or Jazz as he’s often known, was working a short-term part time position as a cashier at a fast food company before attending Motive Action in the Youth Entry Level Automotive Trades Program. He applied for the hands-on learning, as well as for the opportunity to get work experience and a job.

Reflecting on the impact his successful completion of the program has had on his life, Jazz had this to say. “I got an amazing job and I am constantly learning about new things and I just got my blue book so I will be advancing my career and education in the trade.  I’ve also seen how many other Motive Action [Grads] have changed their life, including me!  It is nice to constantly learn and improve in this trade [and] I am also working full time and finally getting [properly] paid.”

When asked what being awarded the Motive Action Scholarship means to him, Jazz replied, “It means that all my hard work and your teaching has not gone to waste and it will help me with school fees.”

We’re proud of your accomplishments, Jazz, and wish you continued success in your studies!

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