Recently, there’s a new trend to express your thoughts with few words.  One such example is a form of writing called “the six-word memoir,” made popular by author Larry Smith.  It seemed like a fun challenge to put into 6 words our thoughts on things we are thankful for in honour of the New Year, so we asked our current students, 2020 Graduates, Scholarship recipients and Staff to submit some of their own.  This is what we received. (We invite you to try putting your thoughts into 6 words too.  It’s very therapeutic, as well as fun.)



  • 2020, I will never forget you
  • Still breathing.  Happy to be alive.
  • Doctors, nurses, grocery workers, oh my!
  • Wear mask, no need to ask.
  • Wage subsidy, rent subsidy, real money!
  • CRB, CRSB and CRCB, O Canada!
  • Reading books electronically; restaurant food delivery.
  • So much space – so few people.
  • Technology still keeping us in touch
  • Safe at home – a safe home.
  • Time to slow down and think.
  • COVID, I will always remember you

Working in the trades/Achieving your goals

  • I work on cars officially now.
  • It’s fun to work with cars.
  • Finally, I found my dream job!!!

Thankful for:

  • My dog – the clown and peacemaker.
  • Doing well, living good, Dream chasing
  • I am just thankful for you.

Hope for 2021:

  • Hope springs anew, better year 2021?
  • Go shopping without wearing a mask
  • Be healthy, be understanding, be kind
  • New Year.  Renewal of normal life.
  • 2021, please be good to me.

Thanks to the many anonymous submissions, as well as to Anthony, Rachel and Jennifer.