Andrey and Program Director Mike Hansen shake hands as Andrey receives his scholarship.

Andrey was working at a produce market while completing high school upgrading online before he attended Motive Action.  He chose to apply here for “the hands-on experience as well as the job at the end of the program.”

After completing the Automotive Entry-level Trades Training program at Motive Action, Andrey got hired at a dealership in Calgary.

“I had a job and set goals I wanted to achieve,” he stated. “There was a plan to go to school and I could be safe knowing I could keep working in the industry and progress.  It motivated me to learn more about the industry. Before the program, I did not have that motivation in school.”

Andrey planned to use some of the Motive Action Scholarship to buy any tools needed to complete his 1st year of schooling as an AST Apprentice.

Good luck in your continued studies, Andrey!

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