Yahya received his scholarship from instructor Kevin Lychak.

Yahya was a part time taxi driver before he decided to attend Motive Action’s Youth Entry Level Automotive Trades training program. Yahya said he felt “it was a dead-end job with no possibility of advancement or skills to be learned,  . . . [whereas] the program sounded great with a lot to offer in terms of learning and skills.”

“I think attending Motive Action was one of the best decisions I ever made.  It opened new doors for me and taught me a lot. It gave me a professional career and I met a lot of people there from different backgrounds and I made some friends. The instructors there took us in like family and that was the key for me to succeed.”

We are happy we were able to help Yahya on his path to continue his learning as an Automotive Service Technician Apprentice with the Motive Action Scholarship!

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