Group 19 touched the Motive Action staff by awarding them a “Diamond Wrench” award.

As we approach the end of 2019, we look back fondly on the successes and recognitions of the past year.

This year we have celebrated the achievements of over 80 students, holding Recognition Ceremonies for groups 16 – 24. We especially enjoy the ceremonies for our graduates, as it’s great to share in the pride of their achievement for completing the program, moving onto the next step of their journey back into the working world.  Stories are shared, with laughter and occasional tears of joy along the way.

A few of our students have given us tokens of recognition too. Group 19 presented us with a plaque called the “Diamond Wrench” award, which states: “In honour of inspiring us to become the best versions of ourselves, we present to you the award of appreciation.”

Some of our graduates were moved to create art as a commemoration.  Two of our welders showed off their skills with the creation of a “Motive Action” model motorcycle, as well as a red rose. One inspired graduate gave us a painting of what Motive Action represents for her, now hanging on our wall as a reminder.

Thank you to all of our current students, graduates and Alumni, along with our host businesses around the city of Calgary, who provide the continued opportunities for our students to learn “on the job.”  Happy Holidays, and looking forward to another great year in 2020!

Other commemorative art we received throughout the year from various students includes a welded model motorcycle, a welded red rose, and a “Motive Action” inspired painting.