When Amber applied to Motive Action, she had been unemployed for 4 months. Her previous job as a veterinary technician also didn’t offer any opportunity of advancement, which is why she wanted to switch fields and become a welder.

Amber chose to attend classes at Motive Action, she said, “. . . because I had no experience in the field I wanted to get into, and the hands-on experience and work placement were very appealing to me, and of course the opportunity to potentially be hired at the end of my work placement.”

 “My life has changed completely since graduating Motive Action and I will be forever grateful to them for the opportunity and experience I received there,” she reflected. “Since graduating, I have been hired full-time at [the shop] where I completed my last work placement. They have provided me with ample opportunity to learn and grow and I love going to work every day. They are making plans for me to test for CWB in the upcoming months and are fully supportive of me going to school  . . .  and supported me in getting my Blue Book.”

Amber was happy to be awarded the Motive Action Scholarship towards her first year studies as a Welding Apprentice. “Obtaining this scholarship would help me financially to be able to pay back part of the tuition and be another accomplishment I achieved on my path to becoming a Journeyman welder,” she stated. 

We wish Amber continued success in her studies to become a Journeyperson*Welder one day!

*Check out the difference between Journeyman vs. Journeyperson at this link.

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