After being laid off, Jon Kitchin spent some time at home and after reflecting on his career opportunities he joined the Motive Action program. His previous employer had recommended Motive Action to him as a good opportunity. Needless to say Jon was successful, having graduated in 2003, he has now been in the industry for 17 years.

“They [Motive Action] put you into a job; they don’t leave you high and dry. I wouldn’t be here without them,” Jon said when asked about his experience with Motive Action. The other most important aspect of the Motive Action training program for Jon was that they teach you work skills beyond the technical competencies necessary to work. “Motive Action teaches you the importance of showing up on time and ready to work,” explained Jon.

We spoke with Jon’s employer Ryan Dicken and he supported Jon’s points. Ryan is the Service Manager at GreatWest Kenworth. Ryan himself has hired 3-4 students and graduates over the years and has watched them move into different roles.  He said, “Motive Action teaches job skills like integrity, punctuality, and commitment. All of which are vital skills that I look for when hiring new employees.”

“Motive Action students are usually keen to do the job and do it well, which is what makes hiring them such a good fit,” said Ryan. GreatWest Kenworth has been an employer partner of Motive Action for almost 30 years so he has seen his fair share of students coming through the program.

We asked Jon if he had any advice for Motive Action students and he said, “Don’t get discouraged, keep with it and in the end it will change your life.”

We are proud to see graduates like Jon achieve so much, and we thank our employer partners like Ryan for their commitment to helping shape the future of our students. 

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