Ellis, with Program Director Mike Hansen, holds up his well-deserved scholarship!

Ellis worked full time in security, 12 hour shifts for 48 hours a week in seasonal jobs before he attended Motive Action.  “I always wanted to be in the [automotive] trade but [was] never able to land a job in a shop,” Ellis stated.  When he heard about the Automotive Entry-level Trades training program at Motive Action, Ellis thought it “seemed promising to get my skills recognized.”

Since completing the program, Ellis has been hired at a dealership, become a registered apprentice and has been awarded the Motive Action Scholarship. He noted some of the changes to his life.  “I’ve learned new things each day.  I am more disciplined, focused and determined in the trade.  [There is a] big financial difference and [I am] enjoying where I am in life.  I have gained so much knowledge about the trade and [I am] very comfortable with working in a shop.  I noticed some changes in my social life as well.  I am more outgoing and confident.”

He views receiving the scholarship as a token of appreciation.  We wish Ellis continued success as he works towards his journeyman ticket.

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