In a new blog series we will be checking in with the people who make up the Motive Action community. 

For our first blog post we chatted with Dustyn L., a current Automotive Service Technician student, who shared his experiences so far at Motive Action.

Why did you decide to take the Motive Action program?

“I decided to join Motive Action because it’s something that I wanted to do since I was a kid but I wasn’t able to in high school just based on student capacity in classrooms and stuff like that. I’ve been a chef for the past eight years but it’s something that I wasn’t into, I’ve always been into cars. I have a young child that I need to provide for and it’s just something that I’ve always loved doing.”

How did you feel about the education and resources you received from Motive Action, and how did they help kickstart your career?

“The job placement is a big part of this program I think. Obviously being hands-on and working with the public and getting to know things you previously didn’t; I was slightly mechanically inclined before I came to the program and they’re teaching me things that I thought that I knew, but really didn’t. They also show you different ways of doing things.”

What would you like other potential program participants to know about Motive Action?

“There is so much compassion here for knowing that we’re pursuing a career but also understanding that we have a life and providing that balance. When you go into a job, generally they don’t necessarily care about what’s going on besides you being able to work. But here, they take everything into account and teach us life skills that you wouldn’t find anywhere else.”

Thanks for sharing your experiences, Dustyn! If you would like to share your experiences at Motive Action and be part of our new blog series, please email us at!