Bogdan is happy to accept his Scholarship from Program Director Mike Hansen.

Before attending Motive Action, Bogdan said, “I sought any employment opportunity that was available regardless of whether it met my interests or had any future benefit. I have worked in retail, hospitality and construction and in jobs that were mostly short term or seasonal. However, now I am career oriented and plan to continue pursuing the trade that I am currently in.”

“My impression of this program was that it was too good to be true or hard to get in, [… but] I believed it was worth the shot. Already having a strong interest in the trade of Auto Body, I was pleased to hear about the hands-on learning from industry professionals and the small class size as this allowed for more intimate student-instructor time. These were just added bonuses. The opportunity to be enrolled in a program that will assist me in my goal of acquiring a red seal in trades was enough for me to join. “

After graduating from the Motive Action Program, Bogdan is now employed full time as an Auto Body Apprentice.

“Since being in this program, my life changed drastically. I love what I do, and I have a career in a great trade. Before this, I felt lost and had no sense of direction in terms of what I wanted in life and throughout the course of employment, but after attending school and getting a job in the industry everything is different.  I now know where I am headed, and I am constantly learning new things thanks to Motive Action.”

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