Devon shared some advice at a graduation ceremony as he accepted his scholarship from Program Director Mike Hansen.

Before attending the Motive Action Youth Entry-level Heavy Duty Training Program, Devon worked as a warehouse labourer and short order cook, for $13-14/hr. There was almost no room for advancement in these jobs.

Devon had this to say about studying at Motive Action: “The key for me was the hands-on experience and the work experience.  Really helps people consider hiring.”

“I’ve noticed that I’m more motivated these days as I actually have a career to work towards instead of feeling trapped in dead-end jobs.  It just feels good knowing that my life is finally back on track and moving forward, [feeling a] little more confident and that grows a little each day as I learn something new.”

Devon was happy to receive his scholarship towards his first year Heavy Equipment Technician Apprenticeship. We wish him luck as he continues with his studies!

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