James is happy to receive his scholarship from instructor Kevin Lychak.

“Before I began at Motive Action, I was a Geo Technician [working] 24 days on and 4 off at a time with 10-12 hour days,” James told us.  “I worked alone [the] majority of the time . . . and did similar tests on the gravel each and every day.”

“When the economy crashed, I was laid off from the job I had since high school. I took a
look at my life and decided I wanted to pursue a more stable career for myself in a field I would
be guaranteed work. My passion has always been vehicles, so I knew I wanted to pursue
something in that line of work. Motive Action [provided] this opportunity because of the hands-on learning and getting my foot in the door with a work experience. Motive Action also taught me about the differences in each trade which helped me find my career path [to become] a Heavy Equipment Technician.”

“It has not been an easy road to get to where I am. I had to put in a couple years of dedication to prove myself to my employer before beginning my apprenticeship. Motive Action taught me to stay committed and all good things take time. . .  It has given me a work life balance. It has helped me tremendously being able to be close to my family and watch my niece grow and spend time with family which I was unable to do when working up north.”

We wish James all the best as he continues his studies.

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