Program Director Mike Hansen presents Argie with his Motive Action Scholarship.

Argie was working part time at a coffee shop with no opportunity of a raise. As a newcomer to Canada, Argie could not afford to go to school, and could not apply to be a mechanic because he did not have any experience.

“Motive Action gave me not only a job where I can earn money, but a place where I call home. . . They taught me things that changed me into a better person. Even though I’m still new to the trade, they made me feel accepted and got me prepared.” Since completing Motive Action, Argie was able to get a full time job, and a good source of income. “Even after having a job, [Motive Action Staff] were still there to assist me and give me advice.” Argie attended SAIT as a first year Automotive Service Technician in 2018 with the help of the Motive Action Scholarship.

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