Training to get you employed in the trades.

Are you looking for a career instead of a job with no prospects? Are you unsure of your next step? Do you like to work with your hands? We can help you gain trade skills and connect you to a job with a future!

Success Stories See All

Motive Action was the best thing that happened to me. It opened the path for a better future with a steady job and new automotive skills. I feel confident to get involved in the trade that I truly love to work in… Working in this trade [creates] a good feeling with great colleagues and a better future.


I am able to help my family with bills, rent, and food. I am able to spend money on things that I couldn’t afford before. I’ve also met people with the same interests as mine and made new friends because of those interests. I am one step closer to becoming a Journeyman and finally achieving my goal of owning my own shop.


I love what I do, and I have a career in a great trade. Before this, I felt lost and had no sense of direction in terms of what I wanted in life and throughout the course of employment, but after attending school and getting a job in the industry everything is different. I now know where I am headed, and I am constantly learning new things thanks to Motive Action.


Am I eligible? How do I apply?

Train for a new career at no cost.

Our training program is FREE for eligible Albertans. There are also subsidies available to cover living costs while you are in the program. We can help determine if you qualify for these subsidies. Currently, there are two forms of subsidy available: Employment Insurance, and Alberta Works (Income Support for Learners). For more information about your eligibility or available funding, please contact Motive Action.

Employment Insurance

People who are receiving Employment Insurance benefits can continue receiving them to the end of their benefit period while taking the program.

Alberta Works – Income Support for Learners

This form of funding is for low-income Albertans who do not qualify for EI. The funding does not have to be paid back if you meet program obligations. More information available here.

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