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Motive-Action’s training programs start approximately every five weeks. Group size is about 10 people, which allows you to receive the professional individualized instruction you need to help you succeed. 

Application Process

To train at Motive-Action you must be accepted into the program. See Program Eligibility and Selection Criteria for details. To begin the process we recommend you give us a call to briefly discuss your situation. If it appears you are eligible, you will be asked to attend an information session. The sessions take place Monday to Thursday at 10:00 am at Motive-Action's facility at 1201 42 Ave SE Calgary.

The 40 minute information session explains:

  • Program
  • Eligibility requirements
  • Funding
  • Apprenticeship

If you are interested in applying for our program, we will provide you with an application form. The application asks you to provide contact information, financial and family situation, work history, school history and health information. 

When your application is completed please call or email us to make an appointment for an interview. The goal of the interview is to determine if our program is right for you.

If you are accepted, we will help you complete the funding application forms. You will be provided with other options if our program is not a good choice for you at this time.

Contact admissions today to start the application process.

Application FAQ