Our staff

Motive Action employs a dedicated staff, all of whom have the specialized knowledge and experience to set our students on the path to long-term success in the automotive, auto body, heavy duty and welding industries.

  • Karl Herzog - Executive Director

    Karl Herzog

    Karl co-founded Motive Action in 1985 and has been the organization’s Executive Director since 1999. Karl is a licensed Heavy Duty Mechanic. He has been active as a volunteer in the auto industry and is a past president of the Automotive Service and Repair Association and a past AST Provincial Apprenticeship Committee member. Karl is also past Provincial Chair of the Private Career Development Association of Alberta. His philanthropic activities include being a Rotarian.

  • Xiao Fen Qu- Bookkeeper

    Xiao Fen Qu

    Xiao Fen Qu is originally from China and has a solid accounting background. In Calgary, she has worked in accounting for manufacturing companies and for an oil & gas company before joining Motive Action in December 2015. She manages bookkeeping for Motive Action’s finances and deals with other administrative tasks such as preparing reports and inputting data.



  • Mike Hansen - Program Director & Career Development Facilitator

    Mike Hansen

    Mike started his Industrial training in the U.K. as an Industrial Blacksmith. In Canada he spent 2 years at the Kelsey Institute as a Welding Instructor before moving to a youth correctional facility where he spent 7 years developing and instructing in Industrial Arts programs. He joined Motive Action’s staff in 1999, and is a Certified Career Development Professional.

  • Jennifer Farrand - Employment Counselor

    Jennifer Farrand

    Jennifer joined Motive-Action in 2009. Jennifer is a trained teacher who has worked with students of all ages in countries around the world including South Korea, England and Spain before returning to her home province of Alberta. While in England, Jennifer worked at the Ford Engine Plant in London, providing workplace training in ESL, English, Math, job-seeking and computer skills. At Motive-Action she continues to instruct adults in Math, ESL and resume writing as well as assisting with work experience placements.

  • Denis Foisy - Placement Officer

    Denis Foisy

    Denis Foisy joined Motive Action in 1990 and he has developed a strong employer base from which to draw for work experience and job opportunities. His knowledge of employer expectations and workplace cultures allows Denis to match a client to an employer with a high degree of employer and client satisfaction.

  • John Johnson - Instructor

    John Johnson

    John brings more than 30 years of automotive experience to his position at Motive Action. Renowned for his innovative instructional approach, John is a past recipient of the Calgary Community Adult Learning Association’s Adult Facilitator of the Year Award. John received his Automotive License in 1978, and has been working with Motive Action students since 1999. He is also a Skills Canada judge at SAIT.

  • Kevin Lychak - Instructor

    Kevin Lychak

    As a licensed Auto Body Technician, Kevin specializes in sharing the latest developments in the Auto Body industry with his students and colleagues. Kevin has acted as an industry consultant to the Province of Alberta, providing input for the Provincial Vehicle Inspection standards. After spending 15 years as a body shop owner-operator, Kevin joined Motive Action’s staff in 2000.

  • Rachel Williams – Assessment & Funding Administrator

    Rachel Williams

    Rachel is the newest member of Motive Action having joined the team in June 2014.  She is originally from England but before settling in Calgary in 1997, she travelled widely in Europe and lived in Italy for four years.  Rachel has a varied background in education administration and ESL in England, Italy and Canada.  At Motive Action she interviews and assesses prospective students and facilitates the funding process for them.