History, Structure, Vision, Mission and Values

mission and goals

Motive Action's mission: To develop and provide trained individuals for entry-level positions in the trades.


The Golden Wrench Award

To demonstrate our commitment to our mission, Motive-Action has  established the The Golden Wrench Award. The award is a “rumoured to be solid gold” 10mm wrench and cash prize. It recognizes the graduate from each class who embodies our Motive Action Mission as decided by the graduating class members themselves. These four principals: Reliability, Respectfulness, Honesty and Hard Work are also known as R2H2.

History, Structure, Vision, Mission and Values

History - Motive Action Training Foundation was established in Calgary, Alberta in 1985 to help disdadvantaged young people develop the skills necessary to obtain and maintain employment.  

Structure - Motive Action Training Foundation is registered in the Province of Alberta under the Societies Act #50330049 and it has charitable donation status with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) # 11906 5035 RR0001.

Vision – Make effective contributions toward a world where everyone has the opportunity to develop the skills necessary to become contibutiong members of society. 

Mission -  Develop and provide trainined individuals for entry lebel positions in the trades

Values - To serve others and ourselves by being honest, hard-working, reliable and respectful

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